Housing Developments

Jeff Wilson Architect has worked for many developers over the past twenty-five years. Some have wished to maximise their return on a site they have purchased and build and sell as many attractive and cost-effective dwelling units as possible. Other developers have required a holiday cottage development or apartments for short or long-time lets. The secret to achieving success for all housing developers, regardless of their aspirations, is a well-designed scheme that surpasses the end-users’ expectations but within a sensible budget that makes a good financial return whether he/ she is selling or renting the dwelling units.

Bespoke Dwellings

Every new house is carefully crafted to address all the individual requirements of each customer including style, accommodation, budget and environmental considerations. The range of differing styles and types of houses displayed above clearly demonstrates that every client is different and their preferences are faithfully incorporated within the design for their house. Regardless of the chosen style, each house is designed to visually appeal, work well ergonomically and sit in sympathy with its site and surrounding landscape and take advantage of views to and from the site.

Works to Existing Houses

Many home-owners find that their existing house no longer meets their requirements or has grown tired and in need of a makeover. Others buy an existing house and need changes made or extensive renovation works carried out. Throughout his career, Jeff Wilson Architect has assisted many clients to improve their homes and in doing so, their life-styles. Each project is approached with design flair but with sound pragmatism and a sensible eye on budget so that the best and most cost-effective solution is found for each client and their home. With an extensive knowledge of relevant statutory requirements including Planning Service policy and building regulations, Jeff Wilson Architect is able to advise the customer in respect of all criteria and parameters and guide them to a built project which meets all aesthetic, ergonomic budgetry and statutory requirements.

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Environmentally-conscious design techniques and sustainable materials are used to minimise the environmental impact of dwellings and often, with the right investment, each house surpasses the stringent requirements of the current building regulations.